Paul Bunyan and His Pal, Babe The Blue Ox

Second Only to The Trees, They’re The Stars of The Show!

You Can’t Miss Them

They stand tall outside the entrance, in full view of Highway 101, beckoning all to stop and visit. Paul Bunyan and his faithful blue ox, Babe, have been our ambassadors, mascots, greeters, and parking lot emcees for ages. Once inside the park, on the Trail of Tall Tales, the redwood carvings depict their many exploits and adventures.

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The moment you exit your car you’ll notice something different.

Far from being the tall, dark, strong, and silent type, Paul Bunyan speaks! With an animated wave of his hand and a great big “Hello there!” our big woodsman greets many visitors as they walk across the parking lot. Commenting on their clothing or asking any of kids present questions, riddles or telling jokes. For some it comes as a big (and pleasant) surprise – and just another one of those many charming things about Trees of Mystery in general.

Though Paul and Babe are permanent Klamath, California residents, and famous local landmarks to boot, they did not start out here. No sir! According to some, the first tales of a 6’4″ Paul Bunyan (possibly Bonyenne) were told by French Canadians around the time of the Papineau Rebellion in 1837. Many stories have been told and written since that date as Paul changed to a 49’ enormous size man and Babe along side of him. Meanwhile Paul and Babe are happy at Trees of Mystery, collecting royalty checks and hanging out with regular folks and the enormous trees he loves so much.

Paul Bunyan Celebrities

Paul and Babe’s Vital Statistics

Paul Bunyan stands proud at 49’2′ high and weigh in at a petite 30,000 lbs. His waist is a firm 52 feet around. His chest is a robust 66 feet in circumference. His strong arms measure 27 feet each. Even his boots are 10 feet high! His pal Babe is similarly humongous. The big blue ox measures 35 feet at the horn tips, and weighs just as much as Paul does – tilting the scales at a trim, powder blue, 30,000 lbs.

Paul is not the least bit camera shy. He can’t afford to be with a web cam(this will link to webcam) focused on him 24/7. And, with a great big smile and a waving hand Paul greets all visitors to Trees of Mystery. You almost might expect him to break out in a song and a dance. But kids often clamor over his boots – so he has to be careful. Since he and Babe find themselves standing outdoors day or night, rain or shine, Paul has learned to be quite the weatherman.

Paul Bunyan Statistics

Paul’s Own Weather Forecast

Paul Bunyan Is Our On-Site Weather Forecaster!
Many people are surprised to know that Paul Bunyan has mastered the scientific field of meteorology. On the other hand, it’s pretty obvious that a person does learn a thing or two spending all of their time standing tall in the great outdoors. Here are Paul’s big weather predictions for today:

Take a look at My Picture on The WebCam page.

  • Look at my boots, if they are WET then I am predicting RAIN.
  • If the trees across the highway are bent either way, I predict it will be WINDY for a bit.
  • If everything is white, then SNOW is my forecast.
  • If the patch of sky you can see is blue then SUN is imminent, if the shy is white or dark grey, NO SUN at this time.
  • As a general rule around here, we will have periods of light followed by periods of dark extending on through the next millennia.
  • Please check back for your latest-up-to-date weather forecast.
  • All weather, all the time, all Paul.
  • (Please bear in mind that Paul grew up in a logging camp and has the typical sense of humor that most loggers have.)

Paul Bunyan Weather