Redwood Canopy Trail

Our Newest Attraction

Experience the Redwood Forest in an exhilarating, new way

You’ll walk the aerial netted suspension bridges through these majestic old-growth redwoods at mid canopy level with viewing platforms from 50-100 feet high in the trees. There are 10 platforms, 2 of which are connected by a spiral staircase, and 8 suspension bridges.

Walking the Canopy Trail

As you walk the trail you will be able to see some beautiful sky, and below some extraordinary lush foliage. Making memories with family and friends is one of the special moments always remembered.

There are no exit points between the start of the attraction and the end of the attraction. Staff help to make this experience possible and enjoyable by assuring the preparedness and safety of each individual participating in the attraction.

Decks/Platforms: The elevated tree decks, or platforms, are where each bridge of the Redwood Canopy Trail begins. Bridges are suspended between several platforms at different levels. All decks are fully railed and netted. The entrance and exit have fixed position stairs anchored to platforms, there 2 platforms at the double tree that are connected by a spiral staircase.

Bridges/Trails: The Redwood Canopy Trail consists of 8 custom fully netted bridges. The 8 bridges are cabled suspension bridges that allow subtle movement along with the trees and wind.

Redwood Canopy Trail Photo 1

Guest Experience

There are no exit points between the start of the attraction and the end of the attraction. Guests must be informed of this information and should be physically able to finish the experience from beginning to end. Guests who are unable to reach the end of the attraction due to fatigue or other non-emergency reasons must be extracted in the same form as an emergency situation. This will result in the evacuation and temporary closure of the attraction, and a considerably diminished guest experience for other participants.

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For your safety, and the consideration of other guests and the welfare of the forest we encourage you to review our full list of Rules & Requirements below before joining us.

Redwood Canopy Trail

Built By

Tree-Mendous Aerial Adventures

Construction Crew:

  • Brandon Hintz
  • Ethan Buell
  • Ben Coyman
  • Devin Hunt
  • Juan Hernandez
  • Bryce Scott
  • Sam Kempton-Hein
  • Mike Wilson
  • Tristan Welton
  • Robert Yuwiler
  • Jackson Anderson
  • Bob McKeller from Trees of Mystery
Canopy Trail Builders

Rules & Requirements

Please respect our trees, they are alive, and allowing you to visit their canopy. You will be walking on bridges that sway and move. You will be required to walk up and down stairs, and uneven surfaces. If you are unable to perform these tasks, then PLEASE do not walk on the bridges.

  • Use at your own risk. Minimum height 36 inches.
  • Hold onto railings at all times
  • All items must be secure
  • NO passing on bridges
  • NO carrying of children is permitted
  • NO food or beverages
  • NO Strollers
  • NO Animals of any kind
  • NO Smoking
  • NO climbing, sitting or leaning on railings
  • NO running, jumping, bouncing or swaying on the bridges.
  • NO throwing or tossing items over bridges
  • ALL guests must be able to walk without assistance
  • NO more than 10 people on bridges or platforms at a time
  • Objects – Participants are encouraged to properly secure any loose personal items on them such as expensive jewelry, keys and cell phones. Loose objects may fall out of pockets, through netting, or off platforms and become lost, damaged, broken, or a safety risk for guests and/or staff underneath the attraction.
  • Must be able to comprehend and follow all safety instructions.
  • Must be able to physically walk/climb through the entirety of the Redwood Canopy Trail and maneuver through narrow netted bridges elevated at various heights.
  • Individuals with health concerns and/or conditions, including but not limited to: shortness of breath; injuries, pain, or instability; heart conditions or disease; and seizure disorders or balance problems should not participate in this tour.
  • This Trail is not ADA accessible.
  • Participants may not be under the influence of alcohol or any other substance (including medications) that might impair judgement or physical capability.
  • Appropriate footwear is required – shoes should be secure and suitable for walking. For example: high heels and wedges are not considered appropriate footwear. Sneakers, hiking shoes, boots and other similar flat and secured footwear would be considered ideal for this activity.
  • The staff at Trees of Mystery reserve the right to disqualify any participant based on their judgment.