Huell Hower Visits Trees of Mystery in “California’s Gold” DVD



The giant statue of Paul Bunyan greets visitors to this family run road-side attraction that has been open since the 1930’s. Join host Huell Howser as he gets a tour through some of the most amazing Redwoods in California, but its not just any old walking tour where you stare up at these impossibly tall trees; its a SkyTrail, which is basically a ski lift which gets you at tree-top level giving you an amazing new view. Among the many trees we’ll visit is the Cathedral Tree – actually nine trees in one, when it fell it didn’t die and the roots of the stump sprouted and these nine trees happened to grow together in a circle around the original mother tree’s stump. This tree is the site of Easter services each year and also many, many weddings.We’ll also see the Brotherhood Tree, which even after losing the top 74 feet in a storm, is still one of the largest living things in the world. It weighs in at over 2000 years old, 19 feet in diameter, 60 feet in circumference and 297 feet tall.